After months of research and development, including conducting user experience surveys and interviews with over 50 test users and using quantitative metrics and qualitative data to inform creation of minimum viable products, I developed confectionaries that were ready for market. An example of one of the products is the Matcha and White Chocolate Flavored Mahjong candies pictured below.

For the candies, I needed to design a logo and box that would be reflective of the premium quality of the candies, Chinese culture from which the Mahjong game derives, and the San Francisco Bay Area (the location in which I created the candies). The fox in the logo represents the Vivi + Livy comic strip characters. Below are the colored logo (gold foil print), the black and white logo, and candy box cover and specifications. The red and gold colors and the brush paint style of the Golden Gate bridge represent traditional Chinese cultural elements while the minimalist spacing and fonts reflect the premium quality of the candies.