“Happy 牛 Year” Ox Statue



I worked with the Chinese New Year Festival & Parade event committee, organized by the San Francisco Chinese Chamber of Commerce, to design an ox for the 2021 Chinese New Year celebration. I researched Chinese art, symbology, and history to create the design of the statue and the draft of the press release within the parameters of the theme and sponsor requirements. The final deliverables were created through an iterative process with input from the sponsor. The 5′ x 6′ statue is on public display in San Francisco International Airport from February 1, 2021 to March 15, 2021. The press release can be downloaded here

























Happy 牛 Year from ICBC (USA)!

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (USA) N.A. wishes you joy and wealth in the Year of the Ox! ICBC (USA) provides excellent banking products and services to its customers. We are “Your Global Partner, Your Reliable Bank”. ICBC (USA) is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and an equal housing lender.

The Chinese character for ox (牛) is pronounced niú. According to Chinese legends, in times of turmoil, the ox refuses to be intimated and walks with its head held high. Through strength of will, diligence, and perseverance, the ox will restore order in the new year.

The colors and symbols on the Happy 牛 Year Ox were selected for their auspicious meanings in Chinese culture. The color red represents good fortune and joy. The color gold and the circular symbols on the ox’s knees representing traditional Chinese coins signify wealth and prosperity. The plum blossoms, peonies, and clouds adorned on the ox and the pattern on the ox’s hooves are a nod to a long lineage of Chinese artistic expression. The symbols represent many blessings including good luck, power, beauty, and success. Because plum blossoms bloom in cold winters and are the first flowers of the year, they also represent perseverance and renewal.

On the front of the ox, the eternity knot is an ancient auspicious symbol representing the interconnectedness of the universe. It reminds us to let go of challenging situations and see differing perspectives in a new light. Scribed above the eternity knot is the Chinese character for good luck (福), pronounced fú. The character is written upside down because the character for upside down (倒) is the homonym of arrive (到), pronounced dào. Placing good luck upside down means good luck is arriving.

ICBC (USA) works to give back to Chinatown and Asian American communities. We have chosen San Francisco’s Chinatown Community Children’s Center, a non-profit organization, as the recipient of the proceeds of this ox.


Statue Details

  • Approximately 5.5′ x 6′ x 3′
  • Weighs 150 pounds
  • Made of high density foam and fiberglass




“Valley of Hearts Delight”
Chalk Mural

The City of Sunnyvale commissioned a live chalk art performance for children at the 2018 State of the City event that paid tribute to the history of Sunnyvale. I designed a chalk mural invoking the acres of green grass and blooming fruit trees for which the region was once known. The audience members of the live performance were delighted and said the work made them feel happy.