Real Estate Photography & Drone Videography

The following images were captured at different times of day to show versatility in handling different lighting conditions.
I own a Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera with an EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM lens. For further photo editing examples, please see the photography tab.

This photo was edited to make the wreath on the front door green as in the original photo it was brown. The house number has also been removed for privacy. This photo was taken using HDR and has been edited to make the colors more vibrant to increase the visual attractiveness of the house.

This photo was taken using HDR and edited so that both the outdoor scene is equally as visible as the indoor bathroom. I also removed myself from the image as the camera and I were originally reflected in the doorway mirror. I also applied a filter to bring out the details of the wood grain in the counters and the marbling in the tiles. I staged the bathroom with plants, some bath products, and a rolled towel to give the viewer a subconscious feeling of being in a hotel spa.

This photo was taken using HDR and edited to even out the uneven night time lighting. I also added a filter to make it feel more warm. I staged the kitchen counter and island with some kitchen tools and a plant and also turned on all the lights in the kitchen including the stove and under cabinet lights to give it the model home feel.

Drone Videography

I own a registered drone. The following video is captured using a drone, gimble, and GoPro. For further video editing examples, please see the videography tab.